Product(s) Used for this Recipe
Cheesy Alfredo

Crispy minced Chicken Ball stuffed with Spinach infused with Prego Cheesy Sauce

Tofu and Chicken Mixture
Silken tofu (round) - 1 pcs
Chicken breast (minced) - 300 g
Coriander stem (chopped) - 3 tsp
Salt - ½ tsp
Sugar - ½ tsp
Sesame oil - ½ tsp

Spinach and Prego Cheesy Sauce Mixture
Prego Cheesy Sauce - 100 g
Spinach leave - 50 g

Crispy lettuce
Bread crumb
Cooking Detail
Meal Type: Main Meal
Cook Method: Stovetop
Serving: 5
Tofu and Chicken Mixture
Bring all the ingredients above mixed well and set a-side

Spinach and Prego Cheesy Sauce Mixture
1. Bring spinach leave quick poached with hot water and immediately soak with ice water till cold
2. Press all the water out form spinach and chopped into minced
3. Bring minced spinach leave mixed with Prego Cheesy Sauce and keep in freezer till hard (then cut into ball
size about 1x1 size big)
4. Bring above tofu and chicken mixture coated with frozen spinach ball and roll into ball shape
5. Bring the ball coated with bread crumb and bring to deep-fried in medium heat till cook and brown color