Product(s) Used for this Recipe

Seared Scallop Spicy

Main Ingredients
Scallop - 10 ps
Red chilli, fine chopped - 2 ps
Prego tomatoes sauce - ¼ cup

Salt - dash
Black pepper powder - dash
Vegetable oil for fry - ½ cup

Ginger flower, finely chopped ( optional ) - 20 gm
Cooking Detail
Meal Type: Main Meal
Cook Method: Stovetop
Serving: 4-5
1. Rinse scallop and pat dry sprinkle a bit with salt and black pepper.
2. Heat up wok add about 2 tbsp of oil then add Pergo sauce and chopped red chili when it hot turn off heat
3. Heat up pan add about 2-3 tbsp of oil once pan hot put scallop to seared about 1 minutes each side.
4. Put seared scallop on warmed sauce and sprinkle chopped ginger flower.