Product(s) Used for this Recipe
Swanson Chicken Broth

Steamed Cod Fish

Main Ingredients
Cod fish (fillet / 80 g) - 5 pcs
Prego Sauce (Traditional) - 5 tbsp
Ginger (shredded) - a dash
Corn flour - ½ tbs

Swanson Chicken broth - 320 ml
Soy sauce - 70 ml
Rock sugar - 20 ml
Dark soy sauce - adjust up to color
Ginger (sliced) - 10 pcs
Spring onion (cut) - 1 stalks
Coriander - 2 stalks

Spring onion (chopped)
Cooking Detail
Meal Type: Main Meal
Serving: 5
1. Place cod fish on plate
2. Bring Prego Sauce (Traditional) mixed with corn flour
3. Lay Prego Sauce (Traditional) on cod fish and sprinkle ginger on top and bring to steamed for 8 minutes till cook
4. Sprinkle spring onion on cod fish and pour Home-made Light Soy Sauce on top

Home-made Light Soy Sauce
1. Bring ginger and spring onion sauteed in pan in slow heat with 2 tbsp oil (vegetable or corn oil) until fragrant.
2. Pour in chicken consommé bring to boil and add in all seasoning soy sauce, rock sugar and dark soy sauce in and slow boil until rock sugar is dilute and add in coriander
3. Set a side till cool and remove all the ginger, spring onion and coriander